Scientific Visualization

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Remote scientific visualization of progressive 3D meshes with X3D

Maglo, Adrien (MAS laboratory, Ecole Centrale Paris), Guillaume Lavoué (Université de Lyon, CNRS, INSA de Lyon, LIRIS), Céline Hudelot (MAS laboratory, Ecole Centrale Paris), Ho Lee (Université de Lyon, CNRS, Université Lyon 1, LIRIS), Christophe Mouton (EDF R&D, SINETICS), Florent Dupont (Université de Lyon, CNRS, Université Lyon 1, LIRIS)

This paper presents a framework, integrated into the X3D file format, for the streaming of 3D content in the context of remote scientific visualization; a progressive mesh compression method is proposed that can handle 3D objects associated with attributes like colors, while producing high quality intermediate Levels Of Detail (LOD). Efficient adaptation mechanisms are also proposed so as to optimize the LOD management of the 3D scene according to different constraints like the network bandwidth, the device graphic capability, the display resolution and the user preferences. Experiments demonstrate the efficiency of our approach in scientific visualization scenarii.


Visualization Methods for Molecular Studies on the Web Platform

Callieri, Marco (Visual Computing Lab, ISTI -CNR), Raluca Mihaela Andrei ( Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa Scientific Visualization Unit, IFC-CNR), Di Benedetto, Marco, Monica Zoppè (Scientific Visualization Unit, IFC-CNR, Pisa), Scopigno, Roberto

This work presents a technical solution for the creation of visualization schemes for biological data on the web platform. The proposed technology try to overcome the standard approach of molecular/biochemical visualization tools, which generally provide a fixed set of visualization methods. This goal is reached by exploiting the capabilities of the WebGL API and the higher level objects of the SpiderGL library, these features will give the users the possibility to implement an arbitrary visualization scheme, while keeping simple the implementation process. To better explain the philosophy and capabilities of this technology, we will describe the implementation of the web version of a specific visualization method, demonstrating how it can deal with both the requirements of scientific rigor in manipulating the data as well as with the necessity to produce flexible and appealing rendering styles.


ChartFlight - From Spreadsheets to Computer-Animated Data

Lutz, Rainer (University of Trier), Stephan Diehl (University of Trier)

In business as well as science a clear and professional presentation of quantitative information is often required and helps to efficiently communicate new insights. The predominant approach is to integrate charts into slide shows created with standard presentation programs. In this paper, we introduce the chart flight metaphor for visualizing spatially distributed statistical data as a computer-generated three-dimensional camera flight over a map with animated charts. Our web application leverages the Blender 3D modeling and animation tool to allow end users to submit their data sets, and easily generate chart flight videos without profound knowledge of computer graphics methods and systems. The generated videos can be included into slide show presentations, put on web pages or shared via file hosting sites, and even displayed on low-performance hardware devices like mobile phone or netbooks.


Collaborative Steering and Post-Processing of Simulations on HPC Resources: Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Niebling, Florian (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)), Andreas Kopecki (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)), Martin Becker (Stellba Hydro GmbH & Co. KG)

Ensuring the proper and optimal functioning of a future product requires the collaboration of human experts using a multitude of different tools. Computational meshes suitable for numerical simulations have tobe created from geometry by meshing experts, boundary conditions - i.e. parameters that define the different conditions a simulation should try to reproduce - have to be defined, the simulation has to be started and monitored, and the results have to be analysed. All those steps usually use different tools and need special expertise and knowledge to use.
This paper will show how to merge those steps usually performed by different tools into one coherent platform, and how to present the uniform access to this platform in a browser interface. This gives teams of engineers collaborative access to all parameters needed to influence the geometry creation, meshing, simulation on high- performance computing resources and post-processing of their simulation results, delivering these results directly into the web browser using modern WebGL and AJAX techniques. The web-based access introduced in this work also contributes to lowering the threshold for engineers to use remote simulation and post-processing facilities, allowing them to create and analyse data sets on their local workstation or mobile devices. In this paper, we will present a real-life scientific engineering workflow from the field of turbomachinery design to demonstrate the applicability of our solution for web-based collaborative nteractive simulation and post-processing including a web-based 3D rendering environment.